Software and manual updates

For each (serious) change in SEAN, an an update is released, increasing the version number. This number is visible in the "About" dialogue in the Help menu (press F1).

To install SEAN for the first time, and also for updating an existing installation, download the appropriate file from the list below and run the programme. In case of an update, existing data, settings and preferences are saved automatically and used for the new version.

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Installer, including manual
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Quick Start Guide
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If you encounter problems downloading one of the installers, please try our auto-reply service: You can always obtain the latest version of SEAN at any time, by sending an email to getsean AT (subject and message body are not relevant). This will result in two auto-reply emails being sent back within 10 minutes: one with installation instructions, one with the installer programme of the latest version of SEAN attached as a ZIP file.

Please note that some email providers block attachements with software in them.

If SEAN is connected to an RP3 USB Interface, the proper drivers are required. In case a CARE/DOS or Rpw Interface is used through a USB Serial Adapter, the latest drivers can be found top

License Key

The obtain a (trial) license key, download and install the latest version as listed above. Next, run the programme and click the About... button on the Splash screen or select About... from the Help menu. Here, click the Click here to obtain a license line and follow the instructions on screen.

More information on SEAN license keys can be found in the manual in paragraph B.2.4.

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Other downloads

The table below contains a list of other downloads.

Remarks 20, (79 Kb)Demo data 17, 2004seantest.exe (602 Kb) Test utility for various aspects of SEAN.
4.72.3110.0Dec 2, 1998401comupd.exe (428 Kb) Windows update for systems with a version of Internet Explorer older than 4.01. Please read the readme.txt.

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Release notes

Release notes briefly describe changes in a new version.

Download -
up to

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To do

A list of know issues and "to do's".


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