RP3 USB Interface drivers

The RP3 USB Interface requires drivers to be installed prior to connecting the cable to the PC for the first time. Download the driver installer for your version of Windows and run it. In the unfortunate event the automatic installer might fail, or when a standard installation is not preferred, drivers can be installed manually. When done, restart the computer. Next, connect the interface to the PC and wait for Windows to recognise the new device. Then start the RP3W or SEAN software and record a session.

Windows version
Automatic installer
Manually install drivers
Instructions for manual install
Windows '98n/av1.09.06Installation Guide
Windows MEn/av1.09.06n/a
Windows 2000v2.08.02v2.08.02n/a
Windows XP-32v2.08.30v2.08.30Installation Guide
Windows XP-64v2.08.30v2.08.30Installation Guide
Windows Vista-32v2.08.30v2.08.30Installation Guide
Windows Vista-64v2.08.30v2.08.30Installation Guide
Windows 2003-32v2.08.30v2.08.30n/a
Windows 2003-64v2.08.30v2.08.30n/a
Windows 7-32v2.12.12v2.12.12Installation Guide
Windows 7-64v2.12.12v2.12.12Installation Guide
Windows 2008-32v2.12.12v2.12.12n/a
Windows 2008-64v2.12.12v2.12.12n/a
Windows 8-32v2.12.12v2.12.12Installation Guide
Windows 8-64v2.12.12v2.12.12Installation Guide
Windows 10-32v2.12.12v2.12.12n/a
Windows 10-64v2.12.12v2.12.12n/a

For older versions of the RP3 USB driver, visit the archives.

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If, after installation of the drivers and connecting the RP3 USB Interface to the computer, the interface is not recognised by either RP3W or SEAN, use the following utilities to verify or undo the installation.

RP3List1.0.1.4Test for the presence of an RP3 USB Interface in the Registry and on any USB port.How to use
Uninstaller1.4Uninstall the RP3 USB Interface drivers.How to use

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