Software and manual updates

For each (serious) change in RP3W, an update is released, increasing the version number. This number is visible in the "About" dialogue in the Help menu (press F1).

To install RP3W for the first time, and also for updating an existing installation, download the appropriate file from the list below and run the programme. In case of an update, existing data, settings and preferences are saved automatically and used for the new version.

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Installer, including manual
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Quick Start Guide

If you encounter problems downloading the installer, please try our auto-reply service: You can always obtain the latest version of RP3W at any time, by sending an email to getrp3w AT (subject and message body are not relevant). This will result in two auto-reply emails being sent back within 10 minutes: one with installation instructions, one with the installer programme of the latest version of RP3W attached as a ZIP file.

Please note that some email providers block attachments with software in them.

The proper drivers for the RP3 USB Interface can be found here.

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Release notes

Release notes briefly describe changes in a new version.

Download -

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If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on improvements of RP3W, please send us an email and we'll add your name to our mailing list. You'll be informed on status

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