The Organiser is a robust A4 writing-case with zip and ring binder. It contains a printed full colour
SEAN : Session Analysis manual (60+ pages), note paper, results templates, training schedule templates, a CD-ROM (with software, manual, demo movies and sample data) and extras.

With the ring-binder, users can add their own pages to the Organiser, and replace out-dated (or superfluous) content themselves.

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The Organiser targets coaches and individual rowers who want to use their Rowperfect3 rowing simulator and Windows software SEAN : Session Analysis to the maximum extent. But the Organiser is not just a bunch of manuals; it is intended to be updated and expanded by its user(s) over time, by adding their own training diaries, schedules, logs, results, appointments, notes etc. .

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Pricing details can be found on our price list.

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