The Organiser contains the following sections:
A general introduction to Windows software SEAN : Session Analysis
Quick Start Guide
The Q.S.G. contains information on the installation of the Rowperfect PC interface and SEAN : Session Analysis, and explains the licensing mechanism of SEAN. Then, it addresses the most common actions in SEAN using a step-by-step approach.
Reference manual
Here, all SEAN : Session Analysis windows, dialogues and options are explained in detail.
Frequently Asked Questions
This section covers some frequently asked questions. Some of these will result in improvements of the software over time.
Sample system set-up
We suggest the following set-up for state-of-the-art session analysis, demonstrated in this section.
Besides the table of contents, the appendices also contain a reference table for people who are familiar with CARE.EXE, the DOS software for the Rowperfect Classic.
The software section contains a CD-ROM with the SEAN : Session Analysis software, manual, demo movies and sample data, and detailed installation instructions on the software and License Key.
When combined with the USB converter cable, this section contains the driver CD-ROM and hardware installation instructions.
This section tells a little about the background of Row-Ware, and contains a price list of our products.
A small pile of note paper, results templates and training schedule templates can be found in the last section.

The Organiser comprises of all this, wrapped up in a robust writing-case with 2 pens, extra sheet covers and compartments.