USB Serial Adapter drivers

The USB Serial Adapter requires drivers to be installed prior to connecting the cable to the PC for the first time. Download the driver installer for your version of Windows and run it. When done, connect the USB Serial Adapter to the PC.

Row-Ware sells USB Serial Adapters based on the Prolific 2303 chip set.

Windows version
Installer version
Windows '98v1.1.0 v2.0.0.19
Windows MEv1.1.0 v2.0.0.19
Windows 2000v1.9.0 v2.1.51.238
Windows XPv1.9.0 v2.1.51.238
Windows 2003v1.9.0 v2.1.51.238
Windows Vistav1.10.0 v3.04.67.325
Windows 2008v1.10.0 v3.04.67.325
Windows 7v1.10.0 v3.04.67.325
Windows 2012v1.10.0 v3.04.67.325
Windows 8v1.10.0 v3.04.67.325
Windows 8.1v1.10.0 v3.04.67.325

Please note: Windows 7 and up can locate and update drivers automatically using Windows Update. When installing the driver manually fails, choose "Update Driver" for item "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port" in the "Device Manager".

For older versions of the USB Serial Adapter driver, visit the archives.

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If, after installation of the drivers and connecting the USB Serial Adapter to the computer, the interface is not recognised by either Rpw or SEAN, use the following utilities to verify or undo the installation.

PlfList1.0.0.2Test for the presence of a USB Serial Adapter in the Registry and on any USB port.How to use
Uninstaller1.0.0.1Uninstall the USB Serial Adapter drivers.How to use

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